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Anti Bullying At Valley View ISD

At Valley View ISD we believe that every student has a right to be in a school which is safe and secure, to be treated with dignity and respect. We will work to make Valley View ISD School free from intimidation and fear so that all students can learn and work in an environment where they can achieve their full potential.

"A deliberate action by an individual or group usually repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual either physically or emotionally."
Bullying can take many forms but the most common are:
  • Physical - hitting, kicking, taking belongings.
  • Verbal - name calling, insulting, making offensive remarks.
  • Homophobic - name calling, insulting, making offensive remarks.
  • Indirect - spreading malicious stories, rumors and deliberately excluding others from social groups.
  • Racist - taunts or offensive language about culture or race.
  • Sexual - unwanted physical contact or abusive comments.
  • Cyber - using social networking sites or mobile phones to cause offense to others.
  • Isolating - deliberately ignoring or encouraging others to ignore students.
  • Students with special educational needs or disabilities - name calling, insulting, making offensive remarks.

Board Policy
Policy Code:

Talk to someone if you are being bullied because there are lots of people who want to help you in school.
Talk to:
  1. A member of staff
  2. A friend
  3. A family member
If you feel unable to report matters of bullying directly, then you can either phone or use the Anonymous Form below OR use the anonymous post boxes around the school.
Telephone: 956-340-1050