Valley View Independent School District

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District Goals

District Goals
  1. Improve Academic Readiness: Each campus must meet their respective goals of 85% or higher in all tested subjects. ELL and Special Ed students must show significant gains in their test scores of a minimum of 10% points. AP scores in all subject areas must improve with a minimum of 70% of the students passing the exam.
  1. District-Wide TSTEM initiative will be incorporated at all campuses. Technology must be evident in classroom instruction
  1. Improve District Attendance to 98%.
  1. District will provide a positive and safe environment for all students and staff.
  1. District will improve Parental Involvement.
  1. District will improve Scholarship donations for our graduating Seniors.
  1. District will create a comprehensive and effective Fine Arts/Athletic/PE Plan to be successful in all Academic/Athletic competition.
  1. District will retain and recruit highly qualified personnel.
  1. District will ensure financial stability for the success of our students. District will maintain a balanced budget.