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PK Family Engagement Plan 2021- 2022

Valley View ISD Family Engagement Plan



The Valley View Independent School District and the Parental Involvement Department believe that all parents, teachers, and community leaders are a valuable link in the educational success of all students.  We promote the involvement of these key stakeholders by having them take part in the process that allows them to contribute to our school community providing input regarding the services offered in an effort to maximize the quality of education for Pre-Kinder students in VVISD.  We have established a Family Engagement Plan to increase the collaboration between all stakeholders.  The active participation of parents, teachers, business, and community leaders in all aspects of students’ education is a valuable tool that the Valley View I.S.D. welcomes and respects.

Components VVISD Family Engagement Strategic Plan
Facilitate family-to-family support

VVISD will include Parental Involvement activities to form campus-family relationships and provide parents with opportunities to participate in district

 and campus initiatives, such as:

  • Parenting Education Classes
  • Read aloud Programs (Family Literacy Night)
  • Monthly Parent Newsletter, “Early Years”
  • Monthly Parent and Child Activity Calendar
  • Family Literacy and Homework Night
  • Parent Conferences (with the teacher, counselor, and/or administrator)
  • Yearly Health Fair
  • Parent Volunteer Opportunities
  • Parent Involvement meetings regarding the school to home educational resources and activities to support student learning in the home.
  • Children’s Defense Fund (Texas) - Provide information about the existing parent-to-parent organizations, family peer networks
  • and/or parent-initiated school-community efforts in order to continue to be leaders/advocates in the community and on their child’s campus
Establish a network of community resources

VVISD in partnership with the community and faith-based organizations will establish resources that provide services to the students, in an effort to equip parents and caregivers with skills needed to have a healthy and productive family.  Some of the resources will be:

  • RGV Border Health Coalition (Formerly known as CHIPS)
  • Texas Health and Human Services (Food Stamps)
  • South Texas Literacy Coalition
  • United Way of South Texas
  • Children’s Defense Fund (CHIPS/Children’s Medicaid)
  • Teach the Children
  • Region 1 Education Service Center
  • Child Find – Early identification of students with special needs.
Increase family participation in decision making

VVISD encourages family participation in decision-making. Their contributions are crucial to a well-rounded and well-thought-out plan that will facilitate support for all stakeholders and impact positive student achievement. Parents will be invited to participate and serve in : 

  • Campus and District-Wide Site-Based Decision-Making Committees (SBDM)
  • PTO/PAC-Title I Part A and Title I Part C-Migrant
  • Regularly scheduled campus-level parent meetings
  • Invite family feedback (evaluations) and suggestions with regard to the activities being provided.
Equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning

VVISD will equip families with learning opportunities to enhance and extend learning by providing:  

  • Monthly calendars listing home activities that are age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate for the child. (Early Years), campus website.
  • Monthly newsletters offering ideas for motivation, discipline, ideas for enhancing learning, etc. (Campus Newsletter)
  • Campus Literacy Events – Book Fairs, Family Literacy Nights, and Read to Succeed Activities
  • Make and take parent sessions to support student learning at home.
  • Partner with Head Start to facilitate the transition between the 3-year-old program and PK
  • Stages of Development informational sessions (Region 1)
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for parents
Develop staff skills in evidence-based practices that support families in meeting their children’s learning benchmarks.

VVISD’s goal is to offer staff development to support teachers in helping families so that their children reach learning benchmarks.  

Offer staff development such as CLI Engage, Region 1 trainings, and campus training addressing services available for parents.

  • Utilizing Class Dojo to involve parents in the education of their children on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Individual parent/teacher conferences to discuss learning goals and progress toward meeting those goals using the language of the home.
  • Help teachers grow their leadership abilities by having them conduct make and take sessions with parents.
  • Provide teachers with training on research-based strategies parents can use with students to provide support at home.
Evaluate family engagement efforts and use evaluations for continuous improvement

Trainings, workshops, meetings, and parental involvement activities are followed with an evaluation that provides parents the opportunity to express their views on the value of the activity.

  • Use parent input to provide valuable information in the planning, development, and implementation of programs for the district
  • PK Parent Surveys
  • Compile evaluation data and use it to plan and implement a more effective Parental Involvement Program