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ATTN: Parents - You can now view your child(s) grades & Attendance on your cell phone!

ATTN: Parents - You can now view your child(s) grades & Attendance on your cell phone! The Parent Portal Mobile site is available!
From your smartphone or mobile device, please click on the headline in blue above. Use your current Parent Portal username and password. PEIMS does not see passwords or usernames.
TESTING COUNTDOWN as of April 23, 2014
0 Instructional Days before STAAR
(April 21-25):
Grades 3-4, 6-7 Math & Reading / Grades 5 & 8 Science / Grade 8 Social Studies / TAKS Exit Level ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies

8 Instructional Days before STAAR
(May 5-9 Window):
Agebra I / Biology / U.S. History
E-Rate Petition- We need your support!
We are asking for your help to ensure that our local legislative delegation fully comprehends the impact that a loss of E-Rate funding could have on our school districts.
2013-2014 District & Campus Attendance Goals

<body><big><span style="color: blue;">2013-2014 District & Campus Attendance Goals Attendance listed below is from Aug 26th thru Friday, April 17th :
Valley View Elem 97.99% / GOAL-98%
North Elem 97.61% / GOAL-98%
W.E. Lucas 97.87% / GOAL-98%
South Elem 98.34% / GOAL- 98%
5th Grade Campus 98.36% / GOAL- 98%

Jr High 98.27% / GOAL-98%
E.C.C. 96.28% / GOAL- 97.25%
High School 94.51% / GOAL- 96%

DISTRICT 96.94% / GOAL- 97.25%
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Upcoming Events

Student Early Release/ Staff Half Day Inservice
Date: 4/25/2014
Last day of classes for 2013-2014
Date: 5/30/2014
Date: 5/31/2014
Date: 5/31/2014

Extracurricular Events

Boys Track - 4A Regional Championships
Date: 4/25/2014
Location: Heroes Stadium, San Antonio Texas
Date: 4/25/2014, 7 PM 10 PM
Location: Away
Boys Track - State Championships
Date: 5/9/2014
Location: Austin Texas